June 14 – Sir Francis Bryan and Sir Anthony Browne are interrogated about Mary

Jun14,2022 #Francis Bryan #Mary I

On this day in Tudor history, 14th June 1536, under a month after the execution of Queen Anne Boleyn, two courtiers were interrogated regarding their alleged support of Mary, daughter of King Henry VIII by Catherine of Aragon. Their names were Sir Francis Bryan and Sir Anthony Browne.

Mary had not yet submitted to her father. She wouldn’t accept the annulment of her parents’ marriage, her illegitimate status, or the king’s supremacy.

Bryan, who was related to Anne Boleyn, and fellow courtier Sir Anthony Browne men had been involved with the Catholic conservatives and Seymours who had worked to bring Anne Boleyn down and who wanted Mary restored to the succession, but now they found themselves in a spot of trouble.

What happened and how did Bryan and Browne get out of trouble?

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