January 25 – Anne Boleyn finally marries Henry VIII


On this day in Tudor history, 25th January 1533, about six years after Anne Boleyn had accepted King Henry VIII’s proposal of marriage, the couple got married in a secret ceremony at Whitehall.

Anne Boleyn, Marquess of Pembroke, was about thirty-one when she married forty-one-year-old Henry VIII in a ceremony officiated by Rowland Lee.

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You can read an article on The Express website, in which I’m quoted, about Edward Hall’s account of the couple marrying in November 1532 – https://www.express.co.uk/news/royal/1726087/henry-viii-anne-boleyn-wedding-spt

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One thought on “January 25 – Anne Boleyn finally marries Henry VIII”
  1. Poor tragic ill fated Anne Boleyn she thought she and Henry V111 would be in love forever, nothing would go wrong but how unlucky she was, she plighted her troth to a very dangerous man and in doing so, signed her own death warrant.

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