I am King Henry

Mar15,2011 #Six Wives

Thanks to Anne Boleyn Files visitor, Jeanette, for pointing out this YouTube video on King Henry VIII and his six wives. I love sharing these videos with my kids and they do brighten up your day. One thing I would point out with this video is that it makes it look like Jane Seymour was Elizabeth I’s mother, or perhaps I’m reading too much into it!

Anyway, I hope it brightens up your Tuesday!

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10 thoughts on “I am King Henry”
  1. Not bad….but the bit you pointed out about it looking like Jane Seymour being Elizabeths mum had me scratching my head also lol Atleast the Queens are in order :o)

    1. Well it gave me a chuckle but yes…it did look like Jane was Elizabeths mum but other than that I woke up with a nice chuckle.

  2. I definitely agree that it looked like Jane Seymour was Elizabeth’s mother. My husband even pointed that out without me saying anything!!! 🙂 Someone had a lot of time on their hands….I liked all their random big feet! haha

  3. I wonder what Richie Valens would have thought of these lyrics to his song “La Bamba.” He died in a plane crash that killed a lot of musicians in the 50’s. Very sad end for a talented musician.

  4. Sorry, it should be Ritchie and not the way I spelled it. The lyrics are in Spanish and it really is a great song. My mind has been taken over by my second graders.

  5. Thanks for all the great comments. I am the “individual with too much time on my hands” who created the video. I teach middle school History and it was a song/animation I created to help my students with a bit of English history.

    The reason for young Elizabeth holding the skull after Jane Seymour’s death shortly after childbirth was that, if I am remembering correctly, Elizabeth would have been a young child of about four or so when Jane Seymour died. I have Elizabeth as a young girl holding the skull sort of as a foreshadowing of the fact that Elizabeth will one day play an enormously important role in English politics. Does that make sense? Hope so. Thanks again for the comments and THANK YOU for watching I AM KING HENRY.

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