Henry VIII’s weight and health, plus giveaway

Henry_VIII_Fit,_Fat,_Fiction_by_Kyra_Kramer_-_The_Tudor_Society_-_2015-12-18_07.33.21Today, Kyra Kramer, author of the wonderful book Henry VIII’s Health in a Nutshell, is over at our sister site The Tudor Society with a guest article called Henry VIII: Fit, Fact, Fiction in which she discusses Henry’s reputation for being fat and the idea that he had type II diabetes. It’s a very interesting article and there is also a chance to win a paperback copy of Kyra’s book – click here to go to it now.

This is the last stop on Kyra’s book/blog tour and here’s the schedule if you want to enjoy her other article and enter the giveaways:
Here’s the schedule:

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