Henry VIII’s Health in a Nutshell

Dec14,2015 #Henry VIII

Henry VIII's healthKyra Kramer is touring the blogosphere this week with some excellent articles on Henry VIII’s health to celebrate the release of her latest book Henry VIII’s Health in a Nutshell.

Henry’s health, and the various myths and questions that surround it, is a fascinating subject so do make sure you join her on this tour. There is a giveaway at each stop too.

Here’s the schedule:

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One thought on “Henry VIII’s Health in a Nutshell”
  1. I can believe that Henry had osteomyelitis as the reports of his ulcerous legs, match all the symptoms. I myself had this at the age of three. I remember vividly, lying in my mother’s arms as we waited for an ambulance. I had screamed myself into an exhausted state. The early sixties remedy was to put the affected limb into a plaster cast and administer several injections of antibiotics a day. I was lucky to live in an age where there was a cure. The pain Henry must have been in would have been enough to make him more than a little cranky! No excuses for his behaviour but it would explain a lot on top of his possible brain injury received in his jousting accident in 1536. This is a very interesting article by Kyra Kramer – can’t wait for the others – thank you.

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