Happy Birthday Anne of Cleves!

Sep22,2012 #Anne of Cleves

Today marks the 497th anniversary of the birth of Anne of Cleves, or Anna von Jülich-Kleve-Berg, fourth wife of Henry VIII.

Anne was born near Düsseldorf and was the second daughter of John III, Duke of Jülich, Cleves and Berg, an important German ruler, and Maria of Jülich-Berg. Her brother-in-law was John Frederick I, Elector of Saxony, who had established The Schmalkaldic League, an alliance of Lutheran Princes who were looking to establish a relationship with England. France and the Empire were becoming rather chummy in 1539, so an alliance with the League seemed a good idea and Henry married Anne on 6th January 1540. The marriage lasted six months, before it was annulled and Henry moved on to wife number five, Catherine Howard.

Like all of Henry VIII’s wives, Anne had royal blood but not only was she descended from Edward I, she was also, on her father’s side, closely related to Louis XII of France and the Duke of Burgundy.

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5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Anne of Cleves!”
  1. A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNE OF CLEVES.I would like to also say Anne would have made a GREAT QUEEN!! She seemed so well temperd and kind gentle and did indeed prove that with, Henrys living children.I really don’t like the term the flanders mare,it sounds so disrespectfull to this kind women. THX Baroness

  2. Anne was a very interesting lady and it’s a shame that most people just see her as the ugly wife who was dumped by Henry after six months. She actually got a pretty sweet deal out of the divorce as Henry gave her £4000 a year as well as palaces and the affectionate title of the kings sister.

  3. Anne was the luckiest wife of Henry VIII. At least she was spared her life and received monies and palaces. She lived at Hever Castle the childhood home of Anne Boleyn. Go Anne and Happy Birthday.

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