Ash Wednesday and Lent in Tudor times

Posted By on February 26, 2020

Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, which in Tudor times was a time of fasting and prayer.

In the latest edition of Teasel’s Tudor Trivia, Claire tells Teasel (and you!) all about what Tudor people did on Ash Wednesday and how Lent was marked in Tudor times.

14 thoughts on “Ash Wednesday and Lent in Tudor times”

  1. Michael Wright says:

    My church is United Methodist and the application of the Cross and Blessing in ash is available to anyone who chooses. Not all do. As to the dietary restrictions of Lent that is personal choice.

  2. Christine says:

    The comment you made to Teasel about boredom did make me laugh because I did see her yawn ha! That must have been quite hard being deprived of dairy products as it would have meant no baking either therefore no tarts or flans, in churches today the religious days are notified and I think they give special prayers but no one observes the abstinence of certain foods anymore, in school we were taught about Ash Wednesday and Shrove Tuesday yet unless you go to church regularly you forget about that as you grow up, in early times however it would have been drilled into people from an early age, with the reform people must have sighed with relief when the religious fasting was softened somewhat, maybe part of the reason many became interested in reform was to do with that, (on a frivolous note) no one likes being told what and when not to eat, the Catholic doctrine was very strict however and Mary 1st heightened it up again during her reign, which must have made many a man grumble, I love pancakes and I enjoyed mine very much, I purchased mine from Sainsbury’s and had them with lemon and sugar that does me! Really though I love them as a snack throughout the year, they go down very nice for supper with a nice hot cup of tea!

  3. Banditqueen says:

    Ash Wednesday is not a day of obligation and you don’t need to receive ashes but you are encouraged to do so because it reminds us of the time Jesus spent in the Wilderness and ashes remind us of repentance, sacrifice and the Cross. We are meant to fast, but it’s no longer obligatory. The way it was back then reflected a more Catholic era, an era which was destroyed by the Reformation. As I said in my post yesterday, they also cheated, because people are still human.

  4. Banditqueen says:

    I do believe Claire is starting to look more and more like Teasel who is so cute.

  5. Michael Wright says:

    I’m sure you’ve seen the old WB cartoon where everyone looks like their pet.

  6. Banditqueen says:

    If anyone wants a good laugh, I took up Belly Dancing two weeks ago and having a great time. I have moved muscles that I haven’t seen since doing Anatomy and actually it feels good. My hand pain has been confirmed as both rheumatoid arthritis and very severe tendinitis going up to my forearm about having below my elbow. I had to get a splint. I need to rest it. CBD oil…that’s legal cannabis no hallucinogenic stuff, natural hemp and lavender are the only two things which work and that’s now on my prescription. You can buy it in chemist, herb shop, Amazon and Superdrug but sometimes your doctor can prescribe it for long term conditions. I have drops and a creamy oil. CBD is legal in most countries, including U.K, Italy, Germany, Spain, Holland and even Australia and the U.S. This is because the hemp isn’t a drug and the harmful drugs are removed and farms have to be licensed to grow it and are inspected. The products are also licensed for sale. Our surgery has a posh new computer with a scanner and they can do a basic scan to show the inflammation. The type of splint you need is then highlighted. We are very clever in my doctors and lucky as there is never a problem getting an appointment. It’s a small surgery but its well equipped. Its like the Tardis, bigger on the inside. Dr Binder is excellent. I have asked him for medical evidence for the Court as well and he went through what was most helpful. He is aware of my mental health problems and asked me if I wanted everything down. I told him yes because they have an obligation to give you more time if you have certain problems. I really shouldn’t be blogging as I am meant to rest hand but I can’t keep a splint on my right hand forever. I can’t do everything with one hand. So if you want a funny moment just imagine me belly dancing which is a very good but hard activity and that will cheer you up on a rainy day.

    1. Michael Wright says:

      Hi BQ. I’m not laughing but I do have a big smile on my face. Good for you. If those kind of movements don’t keep you limber I don’t know what will. Happy to hear you got a diagnosis for your hand and I sure do hope the CBD oil works. Many people here in the States use it and swear by it.

      1. Christine says:

        CBD oil is very good some folk swear by it I think over here it’s quite expensive though, I don’t think it’s available in the NHS.

    2. Christine says:

      Aw bless you I forgot to ask you about your hand, I think your very brave and resourceful taking up belly dancing, do you wear the outfit, you maybe able to star in your local panto of Aladdin at Christmas ! ha good for you it’s a form of exercise and it’s fun to, I am thinking of taking up Pilates in the summer but I know what I’m like, I start something then after a few weeks get fed up, I’m glad you have a great doctor and yes lavender oil is very good, and hemp oil to, I had a metatarsal injury few yers ago, had to sit with my leg raised up with a bag of frozen peas on it, cannot wear flat ties anymore have to wear trainers, my doc said they are the best support for the feet, if I go out though for a dance I wear my little kitten heels but at one time I would wear 3 to 3 and half inch heels, could not do that now sigh – it’s called growing old !

      1. Banditqueen says:

        No its just whatever we feel comfortable in, but she wants us to do a show in four weeks time and she has skirts and tops and scarves with bells and proper we have to get shoes and support bra. I have done only two classes but love it. It’s free as the place is for women and health so is funded by local government. We have one problem, we need a bigger room. The room could do with a wall mirror and the chair lift is crap, but everyone is lovely and the staff are all volunteers. The services provided are mental health, information, counselling, massage and stress and English language for refugees and different courses. Belly Dancing has been going for three years now but most of the class it’s the first time. No forget Aladdin, although that’s one kind of costume, but we will certainly look like something out of the Arabian Knights.

        1. Christine says:

          What does Steve think ?

        2. Banditqueen says:

          Not that I really care what he thinks as he doesn’t own me, he thinks its a giggle. I only signed up for a bit of fun, but its really good for you. I must also clarify CBD on prescription, I meant my GP agreed its safe to use, noted I use it not that he actually prescribed it. You can only get a prescription if you are ill from chemotherapy, for MS and rare brain disorders in children. Medical Cannabis is different to therapeutic use for pain relief, the extraction is different and it is stronger. CBD for pain has what we call anecdotal evidence, although some trials have been run to show it has long term benefits. In other words the jury is out and many products have to be licensed. If it doesn’t have a certain mark on it, its not licensed and not legally issued because some traces of the hallucinogenic may remain. I know which is which because of research and I have definitely found it helped.

          I was using it after my three times a day sinus wash as that can leave me a bit tired and it takes it out of me, so the CBD was stabilizing my after affects. I then noticed less need for antibiotics and less headaches and nose bleeding. The next thing was a more general sense of wellbeing. I now take the drops and use a massage product and it has reduced the pain. My GP recommends it although he can’t prescribe it, which is a pity. One I tried was like gum in thickness but the one I use now is better and tastes better. I would not take proper cannabis but the hemp not hallucinating oil is good and mixes well with lavender and frankincense for a body wash and general hand cream. On prescription it is made by a hospital specialists for the reasons above but a GP can note down if you use it anyway. The Medical Cannabis is different.

  7. Michael Wright says:

    I didn’t know about the benefits of CBD in possibly keeping someone off of antibiotics. That is definitely a good thing since antibiotics are so over prescribed that people are building up an immunity to them.

  8. Christine says:

    Good luck to you the belly dancing classes sound like fun and it’s always a good way to meet new friends.

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