“And if any person will meddle of my cause, I require them to judge the best” – Anne Boleyn

Through the time Anne has been mentioned by people, kings, queens, historians, kids and movies. What this entire people have in common? The doubt.

Anne absolutely is a source of questions that maybe will never be answered. This impact is not just about the life of a queen, but the life of a woman. If now she inspires the modern woman, in the past she was a clear example to avoid.

How could it have happened? It’s simple, we don’t have any idea how Anne really was. We can argue, fight, imagine and write about his life and habits. But we Know, we really know, that discover who Anne really was it’s something like impossible. We have some clues about it, but not at all! Our sources are in the most part of time speculations.

By the way, there is something that we know about her. She was one of the strongest women that we have ever heard about. In that time, she was brave enough to say ‘not’ to the king. Before her, no one, including Katherine, used to do so. And even when she was dying she was smart enough to keep his memory alive to her daughter Elizabeth.

The bigger example of the importance of his life and impact is the way how his daughter becomes one of the greatest queens in England. Some can say that is an impact of Henry, but is clear that Anne in Elizabeth mind and blood was strong and alive.

Anne has died, but gave us one idea about the consequence of an woman that do whatever she wants. We recognize her brave life, but we know her faults and bad choices. She taught us to speak and do, but before think about. She taught us that don’t matter the time, one woman have desires, ambitions and must fight for this. She taught that even in the bad times we should never put our head down. And those 500 years ago she taught the history that a queen can write her own history with acts and words without to submit to the king desires.

For us, fans or just curious people, Anne was interesting person that have changed the history with strong opinions and personality. She was mother of Elizabeth I and the beginning of a new England church. But not intending destroy one marriage, but yes because of her strong faith, what for some people it just do not exist.

She is someone to admire copy and think about.

In our mind every day we try to do the same, we try to show who we really are without fears. We try conquest our objectives and never desist.

by Ingrid Camargo da Motta
Brazil – Rio de Janeiro