I noticed that the weather wasn’t the best today….It seemed even God himself was ready to weep for my poor Queen. The seemed to be of mixed company those who support our beloved Queen and those who still think she be of an evil nature. I myself stood next to the Archbishop of Canterbury whose eyes looked a tad on the misty side.

I felt as though I had been standing in that same spot for hours but only seconds had passed. I heard the roar of the crowd behind me as the Queen emerged from her Apartment in The Tower. My eyes immediately turned to see her and filled with tears.  As my Queen passed my I touched her hand and she turned and smiled at me assuring me silently that she was alright and ready. I put my face in my hands and wept as quietly as possible and the wonderful Archbishop put his arms around me in comfort.

As I looked up from my hands I saw my Queen walking up the steps to her most regrettable fate and I shook my head. She stumbled once but regained her grace. I noticed she had a book in her hand maybe a bible I’m not sure I couldn’t see a title. She turned to Kingston and whispered and he nodded his head. She walked to the front of the scaffold and spoke, her words still ring in my ears loud. I will never forget that moment ever in my life. She gave payment to her assigned ladies in waiting and paid the swordsman and knelt to pray. Her eyes lifted once to mine and I could see her sorrow. I remember I couldn’t hear anything but the sound of my own heart racing and with one quick swish in the air it was over. I fell to the ground in tears as my Queen’s soul was forced back to our creator.

By Danielle Desiree Bowman


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