Anne of Cleves Lands at Deal – 27 December 1539

Dec27,2011 #Anne of Cleves

On this day in history, at 5pm on the 27th December 1539, Anne of Cleves landed at Deal in Kent, where she was met by Sir Thomas Cheyne and taken to Deal Castle to rest before her long journey to Greenwich Palace to meet her future husband, King Henry VIII.

You can read more about Anne’s arrival in England in my article “Anne of Cleves Arrives in England” and more about Anne of Cleves herself in the following articles:-

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Did you have any Tudor themed presents or do anything Tudor related? Do let me know in the comments section below.

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9 thoughts on “Anne of Cleves Lands at Deal – 27 December 1539”
  1. A Merry Christmas to you and your family Claire, and to all who enjoy this site.
    I received an old book published in 1955 called Tudor Family Portrait by Barbara Winchester. It is about an ordinary, middleclass family of this period. Based on John Jonhson, a merchant of the Staple, about his family, domestic affairs and buisness and friends. The story is built up on a vast amount of letters that he kept from everyone who corresponded with him, plus he kept a copy of every letter he ever sent. One thousand of these survived time, many thousands perished in one way or another, most found in the Tower of London where they had lain for over 300 years, they came to be there because of something to do with bankruptcy. He was also present at Catherine Howards/Lady Rochford execution with a letter describing the sorry event. Not had chance to begin it yet, will wait till after festivities. Also got one part of The Golden Sorrow by Dixie Atkins (Jane & AofC), never heard of these books before so I looked them up and found there were 3 more, have you, but I really need to get the others so can read them in order…. my bithday is on 27th January so have started to drop hints already 🙂
    Back to the event of the day, though Anne may have had a dodgey start as Queen at least she got a happier ending than the other poor ladies, and a more exciting life style than she would have had back home. Well done to her…

    Talking about TV, yes I did see the programme you mentioned, but did you see the 2 episodes of Antiques Roadshow at Hever. The presenter Fiona Bruce actually got to hold Annes book of Hours, how lucky was she!! Also the xmas special was held there too but that was shown from the hotel/conference part… wonderful. Enjoy the rest of Chrismas and New Year. Bye for now, Dawn

    1. P.S. the TV programme I was refering too was ‘Countryfile’ mentioned on number 19 of the advent calendar ‘Figgy Pudding’

      1. Merry Christmas Mariette
        No I didn’t know it was on line to read, I hadn’t heard of the book until I came across it on ebay in November and left it on the ‘watch list’ as a gentle hint for hubby come Christmas time :)… lucky for me it worked, looking forward to reading it too, it will be a different insight into Tudor life, rather than life in and about court then, hope you enjoy it, I think it will be a slow read with quite a bit of it being in old speak, something to help pass away those gloomy Jan/Feb days and nights. Have you heard or read any of the others I mentioned?

        1. No, I hadn’t heard of the Golden Sorrow series by Dixie Atkins. Maybe your hints will bring you a surprise on your birthday.
          The Tudor family portrait is a good read about life in Tudor England with a first hand account of Catherine Howard’s execution and the impact of the sweating sickness in 1551. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

  2. Claire , Why was The King so replused by her?Also how does one marry and then make your wife his sister? We had a wonerfull Holiday, every year we watch Anne of The Thousand Days, with a full English breakfast also wore my AB ring and pendant. If anyone hase’nt seen this movie watch if you can, know plays a better Henry you will learn alot also a excellent movie on the Histroy of The Great King and his Queens.Richard Burton plays King Henry. Happy New Year to all at A B F

  3. I hope you enjoyed christmas with your family, Claire.
    Anne of Cleves was a fascinating woman – I’d love to know more about her.
    Happy New Year everyone

  4. Happy Christmas to everyone! Hope you all had a blast- my sister bought me a Tudor Rose clock, which I hope to one day hang in my future Tudor-themed formal living room. =)

    I believe that Henry wasn’t repulsed by Anne’s looks per se, but more insulted by the fact that she didn’t recognize him as her “true love” King Henry VIII when he came to suprise her in costume (as the chivilrous `ol King Hal). He got less than warm reception. So, to not look like the fool, he simply spun the situation to make him look better. Anne was very smart in taking his offer. So having so little written about her- she really is a very fascinating woman.

  5. Aparently Henry tried to kiss Anne but she pushed him off in disgust. His reaction to her was sour grapes. Had she had truly looked radically different from her portrait then it is strange that Holbein was not punished in any way and continued in his postion at court.

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