Anne Boleyn’s Execution and Resting Place Video

Posted By on May 19, 2016

Today’s first Anne Boleyn Day 2016 video talk is from yours truly and it’s on Anne Boleyn’s execution and resting place.

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5 thoughts on “Anne Boleyn’s Execution and Resting Place Video”

  1. Mara berman says:

    Very clear and precise and excellent writing

  2. Kathleen McDonald says:

    Thank you for your presentation. It was wonderful. I hope to come to England some day, and see for my self. I am interested in the Tudor History.

  3. Thank you Claire. It was very,very nice and well done. I was honored to place some roses on her tile the last time I visited. I was able to spend a few moments alone in the chapel too. It is a wonderful and heartfelt memory I have. I will wear my “B” necklace in her honor today as I go out and about my errands.

  4. Anna Bolena e’ il mio cruccio

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