Anne Boleyn Files Advent Calendar 2016

Dec 1, 2016 #2016 advent calendar

anne_boleyn_files_2016_advent_calendarTime flies when you’re having fun! It only seems like yesterday that I was organising last year’s calendar, and here I am posting about the 2016 one.

Yes, it’s that time of year again and this year I have help with the Advent Calendar. Some of my author friends are giving me videos, book extracts and other wonderful bits and bobs to share with you – a big thank you to them. I can’t promise you a chocolate each day, but I can promise you a few minutes of interesting history. So, grab your coffee and head on over to the calendar to enjoy today’s offering! Simply click the calendar picture on this post.

Techy Tim, as I call him, has added a link to the calendar on the home page – see top right on the page header – so you can find it easily on a daily basis. I do hope you enjoy it and that each offering brightens your day.

P.S. Do you like our new page header? Thank you to artist Dmitry Yakhovsky for the cover concept (and beautiful Anne Boleyn painting) and to Tim for making it Christmassy.

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