Anne Boleyn Coronation Book

I just had to share with you Roland Hui’s beautiful illuminated Anne Boleyn Coronation Book.

The text is transcribed from the pamphlet printed by the London publisher Wynkyn de Worde in the summer of 1533 and Roland has used calfskin vellum, with illustrations done in ink with raised and silver gold lea. The book measures about 4″ x 5″ and took him around two years to complete. What a work of art!

You can see images of it at Photobucket


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14 thoughts on “Anne Boleyn Coronation Book”
  1. Roland Hui’s output is a true and talented labour of love. It’s a joy to behold.

    He is currently working on a similar book documenting the coronation of Elizabeth 1 – you can take a preview here:

    As well as being a highly skilled craftsman, Roland has written a number of thoughtful artilcles – you might like to read this article on images of Anne;

    I hope one day his work will be exhibited in England! :>)

  2. Absolutely beautiful. It looks centuries old and just like the manuscripts that Monks used to do. What an incredible talent he has.

  3. This was such a thoughtful and breath taking work to see. Thank you to the artist! Wonderful job! I have can not wait to see the next one.

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