10 February – Catherine Howard goes to the Tower and the Murder of Lord Darnley

Posted By on February 10, 2022

On this day in Tudor history, 10th February 1542, Catherine Howard, King Henry VIII’s fifth wife, was escorted by barge from Syon House, where she’d been kept since November 1541, to the Tower of London in preparation for her execution.

Sadly, the queen would have seen the heads of her former lover, Francis Dereham, and her sweetheart, Thomas Culpeper, as she made her way to the Tower – a reminder of her own fate.

Find out more in this talk…

Also on this day in history, 10th February 1567, Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, husband of Mary, Queen of Scots, was murdered.

You can find out more about what happened to him in this video…

1 thought on “10 February – Catherine Howard goes to the Tower and the Murder of Lord Darnley”

  1. Jessica Armes says:

    I find it so sad that she was killed at such a young age, even if we don’t know her exact age it’s still a tragedy. Are you still writing a book about Catherine Howard? I saw it mentioned in an interview in your third collection of Anne Boleyn book, and I can’t wait to read it!

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