On this day in Tudor history, 27th December 1583, scholar and Puritan Katherine Killigrew died after giving birth to a stillborn child.

Katherine was the daughter of renowned humanist and scholar, Sir Anthony Cooke, and was known for her ability at writing poetry and her knowledge of languages, including Hebrew, Latin and Greek. She was a very accomplished Tudor lady.

Find out more about Katherine, and hear the epitaphs that were written in her honour, in this talk…

Also on this day in Tudor history, 27th December 1539, Anne of Cleves landed at Deal in Kent in preparation for her forthcoming marriage to King Henry VIII. Anne of Cleves would be King Henry VIII’s fourth wife.

Find out more about her journey, the background to it, and what happened next, in this video…

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One thought on “27 December – The death of Katherine Killigrew and Anne of Cleves arrives in England”
  1. Anne of Cleves arrived in England and must have been relieved after such a long arduous journey over land, though Empire territory and now she was being welcomed and could rest. Unfortunately a few days later the bride groom turned up out of the blue. Poor woman.

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