Thomas Cromwell, the man responsible for this search

We have just heard that William Latimer, one of Queen Anne Boleyn’s chaplains have been searched. Over to Sir Tim Ridgway who is reporting from Sandwich in Kent…

Thank you, Lady Claire. I can confirm that William Latimer’s luggage was searched by the Mayor and Jurates of Sandwich on his arrival back in England from a business visit to Flanders, a visit which was carried out for the Queen. It is shocking that a chaplain should be treated in this way. I’m not sure what they expected to find but records were made of the books that he was carrying and of those which he was having sent directly to London. We can only speculate that they were hoping to find something of an heretical nature that could be used against Queen Anne Boleyn. Latimer was shaken and shocked by the news that the Queen has been imprisoned but he is safe and well and has not been apprehended.

Thank you, Sir Tim, it seems that Mr Cromwell is investigating anyone who is connected to the Queen and is hoping to dig up more dirt.

We’ll keep you updated as we hear further news.


  • LP x.827 Letter from Mayor and Jurates of Sandwich to Henry VIII, dated 8th May, which reads:-
    “On Sunday, 7 May, Sir Wm. Latymer, one of the Queen’s chaplains, arrived at Sandwich, where he was told that the Queen and others were prisoners in the Tower. He said that he had come from Flanders on her business, and showed the contents of his budget and purse to the mayor and jurates, as Thos. Boys, one of the King’s servants then present, can testify. Enclose a list written by him of the books he had with him, and of others in his mail, which had not yet arrived, but which were to be conveyed to London to one Mrs. Wilkinson. Boys will convey Latymer himself to the King. Sandwich, 8 May.”

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4 thoughts on “7 May 1536 – William Latimer Searched!”
  1. Hi Sir Tim

    I am a bit confused here as I thought it was Hugh Latimer who was the Queen’s chaplain. If this another Latimer or have the sources got the name wrong? (I do realise “Sir” was a courtesy title given to priests in the sixteenth century).


    1. Hugh Latimer was the Bishop of Worcester and William Latymer (or Latimer) was one of Anne Boleyn’s chaplains, see p264-266 Ives for the story of Anne sending her chaplains to investigate “the blood of Hailes” relic at Hailes Abbey and Latymer’s involvement in that.

  2. It must have been terrifying to have had anything to do with Anne in these last days….seems they were out for everybody’s blood–or at least, they wanted to put the fear of God into them all so no one would rise to her defense.

  3. I wonder what Cromwell’s real intentions were in the searching of someone’s luggage who did not even know of the events of the past few days. I suppose he could have planted some evidence on Latimer if he wanted to or was he sending out a warning that anyone associated with the queen had better be careful about what they said about her and what she might have given as presents. I am sure that that was one experience William Latimer would not want to repeat.

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