60 Second History video series – The Tudor Dynasty

I’ve just started a new video series on YouTube called “60 Second History”. The idea (thank you, Tim, for the brainwave!) is to give information about Tudor history in easy-to-digest 60-second chunks.

I’m going to cover lots of different aspects of Tudor history but the first video is on the Tudor dynasty, just outlining the order of the Tudor kings and queens.

I know you lords and ladies don’t need this but it might be useful for others.

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4 thoughts on “60 Second History video series – The Tudor Dynasty”
  1. This is a BRILLIANT idea! Hopefully it will spur people’s interest so they read a Wikipedia article or watch a 20-minute documentary, and the next thing we know we have another full-fledged Tudorphile! All they need sometimes is that first small push. Thank you, Claire and Tim, for coming up with this brainwave and running with it!

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