Jane Seymour-Hans_Holbein_d._J._032bFollowing her marriage to Henry VIII on 30th May 1536 and her first public apearance as queen on 2nd June, Jane Seymour was proclaimed Queen at Greenwich on Sunday 4th June 1536, Whitsun.

Chronicler and Windsor Herald Charles Wriothesley recorded it:

“Also the 4th daie of June, being Whitsoundaie, the said Jane Seymor was proclaymed Queene at Greenewych, and went in procession, after the King, with a great traine of ladies followinge after her, and also ofred at masse as Queen, and began her howsehold that daie, dyning in her chamber of presence under the cloath of estate.”

Queen Anne Boleyn’s household had been broken up on 13th May 1536, two days before her trial, and although her staff were discharged many of them were back at court by 4th June 1536 to serve the new queen. It’s hard to imagine how they must have felt about going from one queen to another in just three weeks.

Also on this day in history, 4th June 1550, Robert Dudley married Amy Robsart at the royal palace of Sheen. Click here to read more.

Notes and Sources

  • Wriothesley, Charles (1875) A chronicle of England during the reigns of the Tudors, from A.D. 1485 to 1559 Volume 1, Camden Society, p. 43-44.

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