28 October 1532 – Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn’s Last Full Day in Calais

Anne, duc de Montmorency
Anne, duc de Montmorency

Monday 28th October 1532 was the last full day of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn’s time with Francis I in Calais. The day’s events included a chapter of the Order of the Garter, where Henry VIII made Anne, duc de Montmorency and Grand Master of France, and Philippe de Chabot, Admiral of France, Knights of the Garter.

The entertainment that day included bear baiting and a wrestling match, which saw the English Cornish wrestlers provided by Sir William Godolphin beat the French side. This time, Henry VIII refrained from challenging Francis to a wrestling match, something he had done at the 1520 Field of Cloth of Gold when the French King had beaten him.

Notes and Sources

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6 thoughts on “28 October 1532 – Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn’s Last Full Day in Calais”
  1. Was that THE day before the evening when storms kept them from travelling back home? If so then we all know exactly what happened that night… 😉

  2. About to say the same thing: was this the night of the storm or the night before the storm and the night it happened: the consumation of their relationship and so on?

    By the way, Claire, sorry to have to point this out, but the article has the Cloth of Gold as 1521 instead of 1520.

    Making Anne Grand Master of France must have got right up the nose of Francis I and the French! I assume Francis gave his consent to this elevation of an English Lady and to the cheek of having her raised to one of the most prestigious ranks in France. Or did he just grin and bare it as they say? Have to hand it to Henry; he knows how to go one better than his rivals.

    The gathering of the Chapter of the Knights must have been a fine spectacle as well and grand costume showing as well. A very austicious occassion. Please excuse spelling errors. I wonder if the Chapter discussed the forthcoming marriage of Henry and Anne as they normally did have such important discussions in those days or did they merely come together for a ceremonial occassion as they would today. The Garter is the most elite of the companies of Knights. Cannot think of the actual limit today but I think it is limited to about 22 persons in the service of the realm. A real honour indeed and the Bath is also very elite: with Knight of the Realm being the more common one that is granted today. Thankfully Sir Alex Ferguson is not good enough for the Garter!

    1. Sorry, I didn’t spot that typo, I’ll correct it when I get chance.

      Regarding the storms which delayed Anne ad Henry, Hall writes of storms between Henry and Francis bidding farewell to each other on 30th October but states that those affected various gentlemen who set out. He has Henry setting out on Sunday 10th November and being driven back by mist and tarrying a day, he then set out on Tuesday 12th November. Of course, we don’t know when consummation actually happened, whether the couple went through some kind of betrothal ceremony or marriage on St Erkenwald’s Day (14th) when they arrived back on English soil and then slept together, or whether there was some kind of ceremony in France.

      Anne Boleyn wasn’t made Grand Master of France, Anne, duc de Montmorency and Grand Master of France (the man pictured), was made a Knight of the Garter. This Anne was a man. Confusing, eh?

  3. Correction to the above post: sorry misread: did not see the article. Henry made someone else already from France called Anne, duc de Montmorency Grand Master of France a garter Knight. Misread: thought it said made our Anne Grand Master of France. Ignore comment as think eyes are playing tricks on me. Think I will start again. Would have been fun though if he had have made Anne Boleyn Grand Master of France.

  4. Claire,
    I’ve come across Anne de Montmorency from time to time, mostly in connection with Wolsey, but know little else. I believe his family was also associated with the lovely Château of Chantilly – now Musée Condé.
    Do you know of any biography of him?

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