24th October 1537 – Death of Jane Seymour

Oct24,2011 #Jane Seymour

On the night of the 24th October 1537, just twelve days after giving birth to the future King Edward VI, Henry VIII’s third wife and queen, Jane Seymour, died of suspected puerperal fever (childbed fever) at Hampton Court Palace.

Jane had initially recovered well from her long and arduous labour but started to go downhill in the days following Edward’s christening, suffering with a fever and delirium. On the 17th October, her fever reached crisis point and it looked like Jane would recover, but then it struck again. On the 24th October her condition worsened and she died that night.

Jane was buried in St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, on the 13th November, although legend has it that her heart was buried in the Chapel Royal of Hampton Court Palace. Henry VIII chose to be buried beside the woman he regarded as his true wife and he was laid to rest beside her after his death in January 1547.

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