24 December 1545 – Henry VIII’s Final Speech to Parliament


HenryVIIICornelisMatsysOn 24th December 1545, King Henry VIII made his final speech to Parliament. Historian Robert Hutchinson describes it as “both measured and compelling”, and writes of how Henry wanted “to impart a stern message” to all of his subjects.

Lord Chancellor Thomas Wriothesley would normally have given the address, but Wriothesley was unpopular at this time and the King wanted to address Parliament instead.

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One thought on “24 December 1545 – Henry VIII’s Final Speech to Parliament”
  1. Henry was speaking from the heart; I think he knew this would be his last speech to Parliament and he wanted to encourage them to follow the gospels and the example of the apostles and to be in love and unity in heart and in action. I also feel he did not want to leave a divided Kingdom or to see the Bible that he was fond off abused as it had become amongst the common people. He hated the misuse of scripture; the Scriptures are there to help and to build us up and those of our fellows; not to mock or call each other names or accuse each other.. Henry had attempted to bring harmony and uniformity of religion but it was all going wrong. He wanted Edward to inherit a kingdom that was renewed and enlightened by the word of God and not to have to deal with the growing divisions so he chided the clergy for not giving a better example and the nobles for not working together. It was a harsh speech; but one that was brave; heartfelt and courageous.

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