guildhall_london_tim_ridgwayOn this day in history, 1st December 1541, Francis Dereham, secretary to Queen Catherine Howard, and Thomas Culpeper, a member of the king’s privy chamber, were tried for treason at Guildhall in London. Both men were found guilty and condemned to death.

Chronicler and Windsor Herald Charles Wriothesley records:

“This yeare, the fyrst daye of December, was arrigned at the Guyld Hall in London Thomas Culpepper, one of the Gentleman of the Kinges Pryvie Chamber, and Frauncis Dorand, gentleman, for high treason against the Kinges Majestie in mysdemeanor with the Quene, as appeered by theyr inditements which they confessed, and had their judgments to be drawne, hanged, and quartered […]”

Eustace Chapuys, the imperial ambassador, wrote to Emperor Charles V of proceedings:

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Photo: Guildhall, copyright Tim Ridgway.

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