Two lucky escapes – Anne Boleyn Week 2024 – Day 5

May17,2024 #Thomas Wyatt

Welcome to Day 5 of Anne Boleyn Week!

Join me as I uncover the fascinating stories of Sir Thomas Wyatt the Elder and Sir Richard Page, two men caught in the tumultuous events of Queen Anne Boleyn’s downfall in 1536, but who had lucky escapes…

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One thought on “Two lucky escapes – Anne Boleyn Week 2024 – Day 5”
  1. Wyatt was extremely lucky the way he managed to cheat death, but we can perhaps say after the dreadful events in May 1536 he may have felt his life had lost some of its meaning, his friends and close companions were gone and it must have affected him quite badly, he was one of the finest poets of the Tudor age as well as being a diplomat and tasked with important roles, he probably was arrested because of his earlier connection to the queen, one wonders why the Earl of Northumberland wasn’t as well? , but the Earl was a powerful member of the nobility, and besides there were enough men in the Tower, his haunting poem about the executions of the five men still has the power to stir up emotions of utter sadness at the terrible slaughter of those souls, the early poem he wrote about the hind is mentioned in every biography of Anne Boleyn, it seems every historian alludes to it and the obsessive courtship of Anne by Henry V111, not only was Wyatt a colourful figure at the Tudor court, his grandson was to write the first biography of Anne Boleyn, though his son turned out to be a traitor and was beheaded by Queen Mary for his failed rebellion, Thomas Wyatt appears to have been a popular man amongst his contemporaries and even Queen Catherine Howard favoured him, for she pleaded for his release after he was thrown in the Tower for saying unsavoury things about the king, he had a most unhappy marriage as his wife was very immoral but he never doubted their son was his, and he did die peacefully in his bed, Richard Page is one of those shadowy figures, his name appears here and there in records but he does not appear to have made a lasting impact on anyone, he was a friend of the queens and was a member of the kings bastard sons household, arrested then released banished for a year, then brought back to court, he also was extremely lucky he escaped the fate which befall his fellow men.

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