23 May 1533 – The official end of Henry VIII’s marriage to Catherine of Aragon

| May 23, 2016

I always find it odd at this time of year that I spend three weeks counting down to Anne Boleyn’s execution in 1536 and then suddenly have to shift gear and go back to the events surrounding her coronation in 1533! What very different years and only three years apart. On 23rd May 1533, Archbishop […]

10 May 1533 – Opening of the Dunstable Court

| May 10, 2016

Yes, for this “on this day in history” post we are taking a break from the 1536 countdown of Anne Boleyn’s fall to go back to 1533, the year that Anne Boleyn was crowned queen. On 5th April 1533, Convocation gave its ruling on Henry VIII’s marriage to Catherine of Aragon, stating that the Pope […]