What was written on the execution sword?

Full question: What was written on the sword used to execute Anne Boleyn - Shirley

I'm not actually aware of there being anything written on the sword that killed Anne Boleyn. As you know, the swordsman was French, from Calais, and was specially ordered. According to Eric Ives, he was an expert executioner and he charged £23 6s 8d for his services. I've checked through my books and online and I can't find any more information about the sword except that it was a heavy, continental sword.
Perhaps someone else will know.

OK, I've just found out what was written on the sword used in The Tudors Show (thanks to Ms Squirrly from The Tudors wiki!) and it says in French "La main droite, c'est ,mon seigneur. La Vertu, L'Amour Le Mort" which means "My Lord (as in Jesus/God) is the right hand. Virtue, Love, Death.". As Ms Squirrly has suggested, it may mean that the executioner feels that he is doing the Lord's work and that he, himself, is not to blame. Also I wonder if it is talking about Anne - virtue, love, death seem to be the story of her life!

This was written on the sword in the show and there is no evidence that I can find to suggest that anything was engraved on the real sword.

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