Why was Elizabeth I’s reign a “golden age”? Thank you

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6 thoughts on “Why was Elizabeth I’s reign a “golden age”? Thank you”

  1. Lauren Graham says:

    I am always so overwhelmed when I think about Elizabeth I, how our Anne gave birth to such a formidable, impressive woman who rose above the tumult and instability of her early life to become a queen who ruled in her own right and ushered in a Golden Age. Anne’s life ended in such an unfair and tragic manner that I get choked up thinking that her daughter, Anne’s blood defeated all odds and became a more influential and effective ruler than her brother, the longed-for male heir her mother was murdered for failing to provide. Incredible!

    1. meesha says:

      how was she a golden age is it because she lived the longest age death

  2. Brooke Norris says:

    This helped me so much with my history notes!! Thanks!! I will be leaving this website in my source log!

  3. Eva says:

    not great information.

  4. Jodie says:

    I have History test tomorrow about Elizabeth I and fit was really a ‘Golden Age’ and this website helped me with my points and evidence for my revision. I thought that this test was going to be very hard but now that I have read this, this has helped me understand so THANK YOU for whoever made this.

  5. Button says:

    great informatio

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