It depends how you look at it but I believe that it was. She achieved so much:

Becoming queen! – She had been made illegitimate by her father Henry VIII, when her mother was executed for treason and her life had been in the balance during Mary I’s reign when she was linked to uprising such as the rebellion of Thomas Wyatt the Younger.
Defeating the Spanish Aramada and her successful raids on the Spanish at Cadiz.
Following on from her father’s work on the navy and turning England into a strong and dominant naval power.
Defending England from Scotland and actually turning the Scots into a permanent ally.
Increasing literacy in England.
Expanding England overseas – Elizabeth I encouraged explorers like Sir Walter Raleigh, Sir Francis Drake, Sir John Hawkins and others, to discover new places and form colonies.
Founding the Church of England, as we know it today.
Raising the status of England abroad.
Surviving and defeating plots and uprisings against her – These included the Essex rebellion, uprisings in Ireland and the famous Babington plot.
Helping the poor – Her Poor Laws gave support to those in poverty.
Ruling England in her own right as Queen without a consort.
The promotion of the Arts – Her love of arts led to theatres being built and great poets and playwrights like Shakespeare, Spenser and Marlow emerging.