Which inaccuracies did The Tudors have?

Loads! I started doing an episode guide which you can see at https://www.theanneboleynfiles.com/resources/the-tudors-episode-guide/
The one that really annoyed me was the way that they combined Henry VIII's two sisters into one character - Princess Margaret - and therefore wrote out the existence of James V, Mary Queen of Scots, James VI/I, Lady Jane Grey etc! Mad!

However, there were also lots of accuracies - some speeches were word-for-word perfect and lots of little known events, like Henry landing upside down in the mud, really did happen, so they really did do their research!


2 thoughts on “Which inaccuracies did The Tudors have?”

  1. cherie says:

    In the Tudors Henry Fitzroy died when he was a child between 5 and 7 yrs old I believe

  2. Leandra says:

    Among the many inaccuracies in the series one of the most apparent was in my opinion the costumes. At first i was like “Where is Katherine of Aragon’s Gable hood?” …”Why is it that when Anne Boleyn actually has a head piece on that resembles a french hood {which wasn’t very often} it almost never had a veil on the back of her head?” Or Tudor sleeves;you did not see too many of those either..and no cod pieces till the very end when Henry was getting that last painting done.
    But when I listened Micheal Hirst and other people on the ‘The Tudors’ creation and production team explaining that if you are trying to tell a story in the form of a’ soap opera’ {for lack of better word}, and your goal is not only to tell a historical story, but to entertain and are trying to get good ratings,you cannot have people focused on how weird the cast is attired or what would be considered ugly nowadays,in order to tell that story like they wanted and when i heard that I understood why they did it that way better. He also said if it was done as a documentary, he would have done it differently,that make sense to me. And that would explain other inaccuracies even things not pertaining to costume.

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