Where is Mary Boleyn buried? Are there any of the Tudors graves that you can visit today? What about Henry’s burial place and the rest of his wives? Also are there any of Anne’s family buried at Hever? Thanks, I love your site!

I don't know where Mary Boleyn is buried but when she married Will Stafford the couple moved to Rochford Hall in Essex and she lived in Essex until her death in 1543.
Henry VIII is buried next to Jane Seymour in St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, although Jane's heart is buried under the altar in the Chapel Royal at Hampton Court Palace. Catherine of Aragon is buried at Peterborough Cathedral, Anne Boleyn is under the floor of the Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula at the Tower of London along with her cousin Catherine Howard (they have memorial floor tiles). Anne of Cleves is buried in Westminster Abbey (as are Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I) and Catherine Parr is buried in St Mary's Chapel at Sudeley Castle, Gloucestershire.

Thomas Boleyn is buried at St Peter's Church near Hever Castle, you can go and visit his tomb there as I did at the recent Anne Boleyn Experience, and I think that one of the Boleyn children who died in infancy is also buried there. Elizabeth Boleyn (née Howard) is buried at Lambeth, a chapel which is now the Museum of Garden History. She was buried with her Howard relatives there.

I'm glad you like the site!