Where is Mary Boleyn buried? Are there any of the Tudors graves that you can visit today? What about Henry’s burial place and the rest of his wives? Also are there any of Anne’s family buried at Hever? Thanks, I love your site!

I don't know where Mary Boleyn is buried but when she married Will Stafford the couple moved to Rochford Hall in Essex and she lived in Essex until her death in 1543.
Henry VIII is buried next to Jane Seymour in St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, although Jane's heart is buried under the altar in the Chapel Royal at Hampton Court Palace. Catherine of Aragon is buried at Peterborough Cathedral, Anne Boleyn is under the floor of the Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula at the Tower of London along with her cousin Catherine Howard (they have memorial floor tiles). Anne of Cleves is buried in Westminster Abbey (as are Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I) and Catherine Parr is buried in St Mary's Chapel at Sudeley Castle, Gloucestershire.

Thomas Boleyn is buried at St Peter's Church near Hever Castle, you can go and visit his tomb there as I did at the recent Anne Boleyn Experience, and I think that one of the Boleyn children who died in infancy is also buried there. Elizabeth Boleyn (née Howard) is buried at Lambeth, a chapel which is now the Museum of Garden History. She was buried with her Howard relatives there.

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20 thoughts on “Where is Mary Boleyn buried? Are there any of the Tudors graves that you can visit today? What about Henry’s burial place and the rest of his wives? Also are there any of Anne’s family buried at Hever? Thanks, I love your site!”

  1. Maria says:

    Yes, she was buried at St Peter ad Vincula/Tower of London.
    Cheers from Sweden.

    1. Peter knapo says:

      No .That was Lady Rochford Marys brothers wife.

      1. she was so jealous of her sister in law because her was queen jane took her brother of her

    2. Sarah says:

      That was Lady Jane Boleyn nee Parker. George Boleyn’s wife, Mary and Anne’s sister in law. Jane was excuted for helping Catherine Howard have a affair with Thomas Culpepper behind Henry VIII’s back

      1. Nicola Jayne Brown says:

        jane boleyn is so nasty to catherine howard do that want jane whated to gress on her

    3. Mark Dudley says:

      No, Ann Boleyn, not Mary, was buried there. It is not known where Mary Boleyn is buried.

  2. margaret says:

    can anyone tell me did anne have a funeral/service before she was buried

    1. Trish says:

      She was executed and buried in an unmarked grave.

      1. u says:

        she was buried in a elm arrow chest grave

    2. Sarah says:

      There was a wait to two hours between death and burial as they scrambled to find a coffin for her. In the end a chest used to store arrows was found. Once she was placed inside, her body was buried in an unmarked grave in the chapel. Without a funeral or service, as traitors as she was convicted of, did not recieve any ceremony of any kind.

  3. Linda Joyce says:

    In January 2014 I had a short holiday in Norfolk, which included a visit to Salle church. I found the tombs, in the aisle, of Queen Anne’s great-great grandparents, Geoffrey and Alice, and one Simon Boleyn chaplain, with their brasses, which look as if they have been much rubbed over the years.
    My husband sat patiently outside while I absorbed the atmosphere – anyone in that area do please go. It made me think that the supporters of C of A used to refer to Anne in a derogatory way as Nan Bullen. It’s now obvious to me that they had been the Boleyn family for generations. The choir stalls and floor are clearly ancient and pretty well undisturbed.
    I just like to think that I had stood where Anne and her family had paid their respects to their ancestors (I don’t know where mine are that far back.)

  4. Brenda Roberts says:

    I visited a grave in Guernsey in a church yard,on an organised walk, I feel sure it was Mary Carey’ could this have been the grave of Ann Boleyn ‘S sister.

    1. Susan says:

      Carey is a fairly commin surname in Guernsey

  5. Julie Conlan says:

    Hi Brenda, Mary Boleyn Carey lived until her death in Essex. Where she is buried I don’t Know, probably in a church near her home Rochford Hall. Would be interesting to find out.

  6. Melissa Sampley says:

    Mary Boleyn Stafford is buried at St Peter Churchyard in Hever, Sevenoaks District, Kent, England

    1. Claire says:

      Please could you share the record of this as I’ve never been able to find it. Thank you.

    2. indi says:

      is her grave marked?

      1. Nicola Jayne Brown says:

        anne boleyn was maked her name next to her brother george you can see the name and her red roses they

  7. Ronald W Sargeant says:

    I have a couple of questions that probably cannot ever be answered. The first concerns Cromwell’s questioning of close friends and family of Anne Boleyn when he was fabricating a case against her. Why was Mary Boleyn never questioned, arrested, and forced to give evidence against Anne when the treason trial took place? It suggests that at that exact time she was possibly away from court with her Husband William Stafford. BUT WHERE WAS SHE? Not at Hever. That would have been easy for Cromwell to ascertain her whereabouts. Did King Henry tell Cromwell not to involve her thus protecting both her and her two children who were almost certainly the Kings?? Was she with her husband at his family’s home at Chebsey. They did not get their hands on the Rochford property until 1539 on the death of her parents. My second question concerns where Mary Stafford was buried. The exact date is knowb but where she was buried is still a mystery as is the cause of her death at the age of 43. I suggest that if the whereabouts of her Husband can be proven at the date of her death this may provide a clue. She was almost certainly the eldest of the surviving Boleyn children and possibly born in 1499 at Blickling.

    1. Claire says:

      There would have been no reason to question Mary as she’d been banished from court in 1534 so was not around in 1535 and 1536, the dates of the alleged offences.

      We don’t know her whereabouts, whether she was in Calais as Stafford was at the garrison there for a time, or whether she was in England focusing on family life. We also do not know where she was buried. We just have no details, I’m afraid. They’d only just come into possession of Mary’s inheritance (May 1543), so we don’t know where they were living at her death. Sorry.

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