When was Anne Boleyn born?

Historians once believed that Anne Boleyn was born around 1506 or 1507 but it has now come to light, from letters that Anne wrote to her father, that Anne was a maid of honour at the court in Brussels in 1513, a position that would not have been open to a girl of 6 or 7. A birthdate of 1501 seems more reasonable, making Anne 35 when she died. We do not know the day or month of her birth.
See Chronology for more information on her life.


7 thoughts on “When was Anne Boleyn born?”

  1. isabell says:

    when did anne boleyn been born

    1. Claire says:

      We don’t know her date of birth. Some historians believe she was born in 1501 and others think 1507, I believe 1501.

  2. Rhiann says:

    where was anne boleyn born? what historical town an place

  3. DiLited says:

    I realise that there are no records of Anne’s birth (although I agree that 1501 is the most likely), however are there no records of any gifts made to Anne by Henry to celebrate her birthday in the court expenses that may give a clue as to the day and month of her birth?

  4. Carl Parreño says:

    was Anne Boleyn’s real name is Annamaria/Anna Maria Bullen ?

    1. Claire says:

      No, just Anne Boleyn. Middle names were not generally used in the Tudor period. There was also no standardized spelling so “Boleyn” was spelled in many different ways in the primary sources – Boleyn, Bullen, Bullein, Bulleyne, Bouleigne…

  5. wendy says:

    How can anyone hate Anne Boleyn? She was just as much a victim of the political climate of the time as poor queen Katherine was.

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