What was the problem Henry’s leg?

Henry VIII injured his leg in a jousting accident and he also suffered from varicose ulcers on both legs which may have been caused by the garters he wore, or just poor circulation. His accident injury never properly healed and caused him pain for the rest of his life.


2 thoughts on “What was the problem Henry’s leg?”

  1. Toni Browne says:

    AND….his ulcerated legs probably wouldn’t heal due to diabetes.

  2. Christine says:

    My mother had varicose veins after she had my sister and me she was advised to wear stockings and loose trousers so not to impede the blood circulation, so yes Henry had poor circulation to but he wore tight garters which would have made the problem much worse, added to that the fact that he put on so much weight he did contribute to his own early demise, if he hadn’t eat so much and took of the garters and didn’t drink so much sweet wine he would have been so much healthier.

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