What was really said between Henry and Anne (who was carrying Elizabeth) in the very end?

We don't know what was said, all we have is the report given by Alexander Aless to Elizabeth I of what he had seen on that day, on the 29th or 30th April 1536:-

“Never shall I forget the sorrow I felt when I saw the most serene Queen, your most religious mother, carrying you, still a little baby, in her arms, and entreating the most serene King your father in Greenwich Palace, from the open window of which he was looking into the courtyard when she brought you to him. I did not perfectly understand what had been going on, but the faces and gestures of the speakers plainly showed the King was angry, although he could conceal his anger wonderfully well.”

It is thought that Anne was trying to explain her argument with Sir Henry Norris, to entreat Henry to listen to her and understand that she did no wrong.