What kind of make up or cosmetics did the tudor women use?

There is an excellent fact sheet at http://www.npg.org.uk/assets/files/pdf/exploring-elizabeth/npg_tudor_makeup.pdf on what kind of make-up women in the Elizabethan era used if that helps. For a white facepaint they'd mix egg whites, powdered egg shells, Alum, Borax and White poppy seeds. Lips and cheeks were reddened with a mixture of Vermillion (red crystalline mercuric sulphite), Gum Arabic, Egg white and Milk from figs, or a lipsalve made from cochineal.


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    1. Claire says:

      This was just a Q&A answer, not a full article. There are many articles online about Tudor cosmetics – see http://www.askcandace.com/Makeup.pdf and http://www.sixwives.info/tudor-make-up.htm. There are also many books on the subject, for example Neville Williams’ “Powder and Paint: A History of the Englishwoman’s Toilet, Elizabeth I – Elizabeth II” and Maggie Angeloglou’s “A History of Make-up”.

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    this is a bit helpfull but how can i find out about tipical womens make up?

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    plz do a makeup on what Catherine of Aragon used for cosmetics
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    we need more information about what makeup Tudor women wore in there times like eye shadow, blusher, eyebrows etc…. this was a little bit useful but could use more information

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    thanks for the help! i have to dress up as Anne Boleyn for a school project, so this was helpful.

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