It is not known whether she was insane or whether her madness was an act but she did seem to "lose it" when she was interrogated in the Tower about Catherine Howard. A new law was passed to allow Henry VIII to execute her even though she was thought to be insane. Although she was insane, she did seem to go to her execution in a lucid state of mind and died with dignity. One source says that she made a confession of her lies about Anne and George's alleged incest. She said:
"God has permitted me to suffer this shameful doom as punishment for having contributed to my husband's death. I falsely accused him of loving in an incestuous manner, his sister, Queen Anne Boleyn. For this I deserve to die."
But it is now thought that this is a myth and that she made the standard kind of execution speech.


10 thoughts on “Was Jane Rochford insane when she was executed?”

  1. It is very likely she became demented with terror and hysteria, possibly even having a nervous breakdown.

  2. Deb says:

    The story about jane rochford admitting to lying about Anne and George right before her execution is a myth. She said nothing about it.

  3. Eliza M. L. says:

    Well, if I were in such a horrible place, with death probably around the corner, I’d have a nervous breakdown as well. And I’m with Deb; I think the story about her admitting to lying is false. We know today she was lying because we reviewed the evidence of Anne and George’s trials without much of the prejudice of the original jurors.

  4. Claire says:

    Actually this execution confession is now thought to be nothing but myth and legend. There is no evidence that Jane gave evidence against George or Anne and she gave the usual execution speech.

  5. David says:

    I could not even begin to say how I would feel if I knew within hours or a day, what ever the case may be, that someone would want me to place my head on a wooden block so they could hack it off!!! My mind would be far from a normal state for sure. These infamous people, and there were so many during the Tudor times alone, must have been some of the strongest people alive…One look at the axe gleaming in the sunlight and you can best believe I would have been a basket case, let alone giving a speech prior to the gruesome deed. Much to much to fathom for my mind.

  6. Erica says:

    I honestly think she suffered from a nervous break down. I think in the end she new what she did was wrong by meddling in the Queen’s affairs. It was a case of bad karma and it just through her over the edge.

  7. margaret says:

    i think she was very jealous of anne and the fact that she was crazily in love with her husband but knew he didnt care at all about her .that would send anyone mad and in those days would have been a heartbreaking situation to be in

  8. Catie says:

    I thought it was suppose to be Lady Summerset that gave the ividence against Anne

    1. Wanda says:

      There were several people who gave their false evidence

  9. Kat0607 says:

    sorry I know this is an old post, but I just wanted to weigh in on it…..
    King Henry the eighth was, IN MY OPINION. ..a spoiled brat. He was more than likely bipolar. When he did not get his way, he executed whatever obstacles stood in his path.

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