Was Anne pregnant when she was beheaded?

No, there is no evidence of her being pregnant in May 1536. She had suffered a miscarriage in January of that year but nothing points to her getting pregnant again after that.


2 thoughts on “Was Anne pregnant when she was beheaded?”

  1. Susan says:

    Alison Weir in her book Henry VIII: The King and His Court, is the only author I know of, who has made this odd assertion. I say odd because surely there would have been some mention in contemporary records if it was true. Weir doesn’t name a source, it seems to be pure supposition.

  2. Diane Watson says:

    I am just reading Alison Weir’s book (mentioned above) and I was horrified to read that and thought I would do something that maybe Ms Weir should have done and investigate further. While I am here who was the presumed heir to the throne in between Princess Elizabeth being declared a bastard and the birth of Prince Edward? I know that a lot of people thought Henry Fitzroy would be the natural choice but there was over a year in between his death and the birth of the would be Edward VI. I suppose as it was treason to imagine the King’s death there were no firm plans in place for the succession but even still surely there had to be some sort of contingency plans.

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