Was Anne Boleyn the most influential Queen Consort?

Full question: Was Anne Boleyn really the most influential queen consort Great Britain has ever had? - Bec

Yes! She had a major impact on England - she caused the formation of the Church of England, she had a major influence over Henry, she was a patron to the Arts, she was the mother of Elizabeth I... Read Execution - Was it Anne Boleyn's only claim to fame? for my opinions!


5 thoughts on “Was Anne Boleyn the most influential Queen Consort?”

  1. Francesca says:

    Much as I admire Anne I do not think she can be described as the most influential Queen Consort. of England.

    Isabella of France ,the wife of Edward II actually overthrew and deposed him to place her son Edward III on the throne. This was the first deposition of a crowned king since the Norman Conquest -strong grounds to nominate Isabella as the most influential consort.

  2. Claire says:

    That is a great point Francesca but I still think that Anne’s impact in England – the Reformation, the beginning of the formation of the Church of England etc. – is greater than Isabella’s. The fact that we are still debating Anne today, whereas many people haven’t heard of Isabella, testifies to her impact and influence.

  3. Francesca says:

    Fair point about the impact of the consort. I think the patent injustice of Annes downfall combined with the genius of her daughter have given her a particular claim to influence.

    On reflection and looking at systemic change influenced by queen consorts I think there is an argument that Henrietta Maria would rank as an equal- she was the main influence on Charels I and his defeat and execution changed the course of the English monarchy -to the extent of leading to a constitutional rather than absolute monarchy.

  4. Eliza M. L. says:

    Anne may not have been the most influential of her time, but she’s definately one of the most well-known Queen Consorts in our day and age.

  5. Jessica Fletcher says:

    In my opinion i believe Anne Boleyn had a huge impact. Do to her smart clever minded,( Queen ElizabethI i believe Gage had that pass down through her mother ) she was able to change & have such an important role in English also religious reform. She had such a fabulous fashion taste style. That also had a big influence on people. Art & music she was into also made an impact. I also believe that Henry’s found that very attractive in Anne. Queen Isabella i don’t know that much so i can’t comment on her. She does sound interesting person to learn about. Thank you, ~QueenFletch82~

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