I think she was just saying that at least her death would be quick because she only had a little neck, nothing much to cut through.


8 thoughts on “This may sound odd, but what does Anne’s Quote about her “Little neck” mean? I’ve gone over it many times and tried to laugh at a joke i don’t understand but i want to understand it. Help?…”

  1. Mya says:

    Oh okay. I always thought she was being sarcastic because everyone says she actually had a longer neck and maybe she was referring to her long neck by saying it was little or short… i don’t know something like that.

    1. Natalie says:

      Her neck was supposedly long and slender, so even though it was long, it was a swift blow. It was dark humor but also possibly the last allusion to the elegance of one of her (ironically) finest features.

  2. Sway says:

    It’s actually funny as in ‘black humour’-funny… She’s joking about her own death, which is something I believe not anyone could have the courage and strength to do, especially when it is only hours before you depart from this life. She tried to show courage and that she is not afraid by joking. I think she handled things beautifully to the last second and showed the world what she’s made of.. And really, this ‘I have only a little neck’ joke is worth remembering throughout history, it’s really exceptional.

  3. ladywhite says:

    I believe what she meant, when they explained her death would be swift and quick. I believe her response about her little neck, was her joking about her death, like I have a little neck, he could still miss and and it won’t be quite swift and painless. I respect her courage. That is what I got from her quote

  4. Rachel Stewart says:

    The LEAST we know is exactly what Henry wanted. He wanted to erase her because he did not have the foresight to erase Thomas More and Bishop Fisher. We will never know what she meant because we do not have a time machine. My best guess is that it is literal. She had a little neck. But the MOST we know is that she had a long neck, yet her neck was slim which equals “little” depending on how you look at it. Her goose was cooked and she knew it. She absolutely knew she was going to the block. Henry had too much pride to EVER go back on his word, wrong or right. She had hope that she could still work Henry, but she underestimated her opponents who all had the King’s ear against whether she was wrong or right.

  5. Bella V says:

    I thought it was more of a reference to the fact Henry brought over a special executioner from France, and Anne was darkly laughing at him going to such expense and fuss when she ‘only had a little neck’.

    1. Kitryn Ellis says:

      I agree. That’s exactly how I always understood it. I think she probably had a very dark and slightly sadistic sense of humor. She had to have.

  6. kmg says:

    When she knew that she was being set up…& it was hopeless..
    I wish she had accused Cromwell himself…as 1 of the ‘many’

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