There is absolutely no proof of those allegations. Anne was not accused of witchcraft at her trial and there is no evidence that she committed incest or even adultery. In her biography of Anne Boleyn, Retha Warnicke writes of the men accused of sleeping with Anne as being known "libertines", men who practised illegal and deviant sexual acts but again there is no hard evidence of this. Many people believe Anne and George committed incest because of "The Other Boleyn Girl" but I do not believe there is any truth in it. The majority of historians today believe that Anne was completely innocent and that she was framed.
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3 thoughts on “There are theories that in order to give King Henry VIII a child, Anne practiced witchcraft and/or slept with her brother George. Is there any proof of this? There are also theories that George and a few others at court were homosexual but were not allowed to show it because of what would happen to them. Is there any proof of that either, or are these just vaguely imagined scandals?”

  1. Tofer says:

    There is no imperial proof that George Boleyn was a homosexual. Thomas Wyatt wrote of his sexual appetite, but that’s about as much of his sex life that we know about. I am a homosexual, so having proof that there was homosexuality in the most fascinating time period for me to study would excite me greatly.

  2. syko chris says:

    Hey I’m just trying to get the record strait.
    Tell me if I’m wrong but rumors hurt peoples character. It doesn’t even matter if its true or false…George wasn’t gay there’s no proof

    1. Claire says:

      Yes, rumours do harm people’s characters, I agree, syko chris.

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