Wow, how remarkable to be related to royalty, you must be so happy to hear that. How are you related to Anne? I know that she had two children who survived childhood: Elizabeth of Bohemia and Charles I (Henry, Prince of Wales, died at 18). Anne only had children by James I so if you are her descendent then you are linked to Mary Queen of Scots, James I's mother, and to Margaret Tudor who was James' great grandmother.


3 thoughts on “My many great Grandmother was Anne of Denmark, wife of King James I of England….would this, do you think link me with Mary, Queen of Scots and maybe even related to the Tudors through King Henry’s sister Margaret….??”

  1. David says:

    A lawyer many years ago and at a great cost did the family tree for a cousin of mine. We are related to Anne of Denmark through King Charles I and so according to your response I am indeed related directly to the Tudors through Henry’s sister Margaret….How cool is that!!
    I believe this makes me great(many times over) grandson to Queen Margaret Tudor and therefore many great nephew to King Henry Himself because Anne of Denmark married the grandson of Queen Margaret, James I……am I correct in this??

    1. rasil says:

      False. King James was a Black man, as were his mother, father, and grandmother and most of the Danes and Scots. His mother was Mary Queen of Scots. History portrays them all as Whites but they were not.

  2. Bobbi Harper says:

    I recently did my family tree and found out as well that I am related to Queen Anne of Denmark. Someone else had already found this out after I added in my probably third great grandparents i guess. I then seen we were connected to royality. It says she is my 13th Great Aunt. Seems we are connected through my great grandfathers line (my grandmothers father). Also further back through King Charles I. I would love to connect with anyone else who also shows this in their family tree since we are family. 🙂

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