Lady Anne Elizabeth Boleyn (Nan Bullen)VISCOUNTESS ROCHFORD MARQUESS CONSORT ENGLAND, was my 10th Great Grand Aunt, her Brother, George Viscount Boleyn Earl of Rochford, was my 10th Great Grandfather, But i would like to know why did some of the “Bullen” Family change there name to “Boleyn” then back again to “Bullen” after the Tudor Age.

In Medieval and Tudor times there wasn't actually any standardized spelling and in contemporary sources from the time Boleyn is spelled in many different ways: Boleyn, Bullen, Bullayen, Boleigne, Bullon, Boulain... I have even seen the same name spelled differently twice in the same sentence! Perhaps the family wanted to distance themselves from the name Boleyn, as Anne spelled it that way, after her downfall, I'm not sure.


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