They were rather unsympathetic. Anne complained to Sir William Kingston, Constable of the Tower, "I thynke [much unkindness in the] Kynge to put seche abowt me as I never loved" - see
Lady Boleyn, Anne's aunt, commented to Anne while she was in the Tower "seche desyre as you heve had to soche tales has browthe you to thys" (From a letter from Sir William Kingston to Cromwell in The Life of Cardinal Wolsey by George Cavendish), i.e. Anne's desire to tell tales had resulted in her arrest - not a sympathetic comment!


2 thoughts on “Is it true that Anne Boleyn’s maids when she was a prisoner in the Tower of London were rude to her?”

  1. Leandra says:

    I’m a bit confused here. What exactly did Anne’s Aunt mean by her “desire to tell tales”? Did she mean to accuse Anne of lying and fabricating stories? Or does her aunt mean to say Anne did not behave in a etiquette manner,by speaking of things that she should not have?

    1. Eva says:

      I guess her aunt actually meant that what she said rather than what she did brought her to prison. She was unkind to her perhaps because she redeemed Anne to be responsible for the following disgrace of their family.

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