It appears that Henry VIII may have followed tradition in taking a mistress while his wife was pregnant during their marriage 1533-1536, as he had done when Catherine of Aragon was pregnant, but I have not seen any evidence of him having mistresses in the period he was courting Anne. If he did have women, then they were not serious enough to be mentioned.


3 thoughts on “Is it known if Henry VIII had sexual relationships with other women during the period 1527-1532? I know he was totally in love with Anne, but I guess he had to satisfy his needs with someone, right?”

  1. Eliza says:

    Thank you for your answer, Claire!! As I see, it is possible that he was celibate during this time, quite a feat for a man like him!

  2. Mya says:

    Although i know The Tudors has some untrue and mistaken facts in the show, It’s shown while Henry was falling for Anne he actually slept with Francis’s sister (Maybe more, i haven’t watched season 1 in forever). Is that fact true? Because that would kinda count as him sleeping with other women while involved w/Anne. Right?

  3. Rachel McNeil says:

    This is a well thought of question. It is hard to believe that Henry would have been that infatuated with Anne as to not have any sexual relations with anyone during the time that he was courting her. But she did seem to put a kind of spell on him (no, I don’t believe she was a witch), where by he was willing to break with Rome for her (and also for his own personal reasons/gain), and he was willing to break from his wife, so he could have Anne. Her hold over him was strong, but was it as strong to stop him from having sexual relations? As Claire so rightly said he had needs he would need to satisfy. I would like to know the answer to this question, it is quite interesting.

    Who knows maybe he was doing a bit of ‘solo loving’ during that period.


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