I keep being asked this so is it an essay question?!

in my opinion, perceptions of Anne Boleyn have gone through various stages:-
Being maligned by the likes of Nicholas Sander, a Catholic recusant in the reign of Elizabeth I - 6 fingers, protruding tooth, wen, witchlike
Being seen as a Protestant martyr by John Foxe in the late sixteenth century
Being seen as a tragic heroine and victim by the Victorians
Being maligned by the likes of Philippa Gregory in fiction
Being seen as a kick-ass female role model or as single-handedly starting the English Reformation!
Anne is also appearing as a vampire in some fictional novels, wreaking revenge on those who betrayed her!

Opinions seem to swing back and forth and there is a lot of Team Anne vs Team Catherine vs Team Jane thinking around at the moment. It's all very immature and nonsensical, people have watched "The Tudors" and now think that you have to pick your queen and fight for her. These wives have become like modern day celebrities in a way and their lives like a soap opera. I run a website about Anne because I am fascinated by her and admire her, but I often receive very offensive emails from people who feel that I should not be defending a woman who was nothing but a "homewrecker" and witch. Interesting how times have not changed! People feel the need to label these women and stereotype them, which is very odd.