Although Sir William Kingston reported "Yet this day at dinner the Queen said she would go to “anonre” [a nunnery], and is in hope of life", which suggests that Anne was offered such a deal by Cranmer when he visited her in the Tower on the 16th May 1536. However, if it was mentuoned to her, it was never a serious deal. Henry VIII had already ordered the French swordsman from Calais, Anne had already been tried, found guilty and condemned to death, so I think that Cromwell and/or the King were just trying to get Anne to agree to the annulment and bastardisation of Elizabeth, by giving her some hope. Henry needed rid of Anne and he needed her to go permanently, she had to die. It would have been too much of a risk to leave her alive.


3 thoughts on “In the Tudors it is suggested to Catherine of Aragon to join the nunnery so that she can “choose” to annul the marriage for the Church. Why did Anne not choose this as a way to avoid execution?”

  1. Why did Henry want to get rid of Anne? I’d understand Cromwell wanted that, but Henry too?

    1. Chelsea says:

      Henry wanted rid of Anne to wed Jane Seymore. Anne had displeased Henry by not giving him a son. Jane played the game of standing on her virtue which she learned from Anne when she was first courting Henry.

  2. Victoria says:

    I have come to the conclusion that Anne (and H.VIII too) were going a little nuts! If not downright psycho! Anne couldn’t bring a son into the world, she had that embarassing “thing” with her finger (that we know today is not a big deal!), and she knew that she had basically tricked her way into the monarchy (remember … most of the other monarchs – including H.VIII up to that point, had married other royalty – Catherine of Aragon was the daughter of K&Q of Spain. Anne was one of a few non-royals in that era! That had to be a little unnerving to think about. And when she went to France (as Henry’s wife), and the King of France suggested that perhaps his mistress should escort Anne around! Not the Queen! Yikes! They then decided that it was perhaps better if Anne just stayed at the then-English Calais and not risk embarassment. And then to have parents who only see you as a source of filling their own coffers! Must have been a pretty lonely life really.

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