There's no way of knowing and although Henry said that he was looking forward to kissing Anne's breasts, she might not have let him. They were sleeping together before their marriage in January 1533 as Anne was pregnant by then, but they may well have had some kind of betrothal ceremony/marriage on the 14th November 1532 when they got back from France.


2 thoughts on “How far did Anne let Henry go before marriage?? I mean, I know they didn’t have sex, but they must have been pretty intimate, with the” pretty dukkys” comment in Henry’s letter.”

  1. kim says:

    i read that they’re beleived to have had sex around sept 1 1532 after he made her a peer.

  2. Lucia says:

    Hi.. I’ve always known dukkys as pukered lips… and wondered how/why Henry meant them as breasts?!

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