How did Thomas Boleyn live after the death of Anne since the King took away his titles and purse? He lived 3 more years after Anne but how did he survive? Where did he live, with his daughter Mary and did he see her again?

Thomas Boleyn did fall from favour in 1536 but he was soon back in favour. He was active in squashing the rebellion of the Pilgrimage of Grace in 1536, he was present at Edward VI’s christening in October 1537, and Eric Ives talks of how he buttered up Cromwell by lending him his chain and Garter badge. By 1538, Thomas Boleyn was back properly at court and it was even rumoured that he would marry Margaret Douglas, Henry VIII’s niece!
Thomas Boleyn died in March 1539 and was buried at St Peter's Church at Hever. Henry VIII ordered masses to be said for Thomas’s soul, clear evidence that Thomas was back in favour then.
Josephine Wilkinson writes of how Thomas Boleyn made steps to reconcile with Mary by allowing her and her husband to live in Rochford Hall in Essex. On his death in 1539 Thomas left Rochford Hall and his lands in Essex to Mary and Mary lived in Rochford until her death in 1543. Mary’s mother, Elizabeth Boleyn, died in 1538 and her father died in 1539.