I think that Elizabeth reminded Henry of her mother, Anne Boleyn. She may have had Henry's red hair, but she had her mother's coal black eyes and face shape. I don't know whether Elizabeth made Henry feel guilty for what he did to Anne or whether he truly felt wronged by Anne and so was upset at the sight of Elizabeth, but he did ignore her for a while and had to be reminded by Lady Bryan that Elizabeth was growing and needed new clothes.
However, when Elizabeth did come to court, it is said that Henry delighted in her precociousness and intelligence, and I think that he did eventually become quite close (as close as a King did in those days) to Elizabeth and she idolised him for the rest of her life.


3 thoughts on “How could Henry not want anything to do with Elizabeth?”

  1. Baroness Von Reis says:

    Claire,I don’t think Henry cared anything about the 2 girl, he was so focused on Edward son by Jane Seymour,Not that he did’ent have a love for Mary and Elizabeth,but he focused on Edward all the time. THX Baroness X

  2. Anah says:

    I don’t think Henry cared much for Elizabeth simply because she wasn’t a boy like Edward, and she wasn’t popular like Mary

    Elizabeth’s idolisation of Henry probably stemmed from the fact that he neglected her, it’s a common trait to find in people.

  3. Renee Pigeon says:

    I think he cared for his daughters in his own way, but he definitel
    y treated them as possessions! I’m convinced that one of the main reasons Elizabeth was so resolute against marrying was because of growing up and seeing how Henry treated all of the women he had power over. She wasn’t about to ever let any man have that kind of control over her again!

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