How could Henry go from love to hate?

Full question: How could Henry go from being so overwhelmingly in love with Anne to hating her? Christina

I can't quite understand how his love and passion could just disintegrate like that. I know love and hate are meant to be very close, but to have your former love executed and then to malign her memory!
Perhaps Henry felt let down by Anne and perhaps he had begun to think that the marriage was cursed. Perhaps also the fact that he had to execute people because of Anne (like More) and break with his beloved church started to eat away at him and cause him to begin to hate her. Anne's feisty nature must also have been tiring for a King who was used to getting his own way all the time. We'll never know what happened and whether Henry ever did miss Anne. Like you, I find it hard to believe that a man who wrote such love letters could end up killing his love.