I'm so glad that you like the site. Are you a woman? If so, you'd have to completely re-learn how to behave as a woman, as it was definitely a man's world then. Your duty would haven been to get married and have children. Yes, definitely dumb down. It was unusual for a woman to be educated in lots of different subjects, and you might have to brush up your needlework!


3 thoughts on “Hi, love the site! I day dream about what i would have to do to prepare myself to go to tudor times if it was possible. If i would even last 10 mins in court. Society, including the king would find me very odd. What do you personally think one would have to learn/ dress to blend into tudor times/ court unoticed. I know i have my ideas. One i find humorus is i might have to dumb myslef down, you think? Thanks, and sorry for going on n on.”

  1. Leandra says:

    I love your question. I think about being in the Tudor court,too. I would get confused trying to curtsy the correct depth or style,for instance I wouldn’t know who’s presence would require a royal curtsy besides the king,queen,princes,princesses. A duke or duchess maybe? And I would not know the proper depth that one was expected to curtsy to varying degrees of nobility and then gentry. I do know my legs would be sore;and I would probably offend somebody; lol!

  2. Joanne says:

    I agree, to go back in time to the 16th century would be incredible, however, you would require a gas mask over your face because the smells would kill you. I also think the food would turn you more than green and imagine how uncomfortable those dresses would be to us and how hot in the summer. Also, if someone in Tudor times smiled at you it would probably make you faint and their breath would stop you dead in your tracks. You would also need to get shots to ward off the plague and other disease.
    Understanding their speech would be extremely difficult, their beliefs, behaviour, mannerisms, etc would be so foreign to us, I think it unlikely we could cope.
    But to go back and be able to hear them, see them and touch them, would be spectacular!

  3. Rachel says:

    I asked this question a ways back, and was not aware that Clair answered. I was browsing the Q&A, and found it! I still now day dream about what it would be like to go to Tudor court. Manners and chivalry would be key, and very very different from today. YES the way they talked would be very hard for us to understand. I add a day dream to this one. If I could go back in time, what knowledge could I bring with me to make me very valuable to the king or other nobles (something that I could reproduce in Tudor times). I come to the conclusion that a lot would get me accused of being a witch or something (beheaded). Its fun to think about, but hard to follow the rule of being able to reproducing it in those times. If that wasn’t a rule… Ibuprofen would be a wonder to Tudor people. In the end, I could just blend in with all the other flies on the wall.. Cheers history lovers!

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