His physicians watched it closely and it was kept clean and treated with poultices. It did become life-threatening at times and was a nightmare for Henry to live with. There's an interesting article about Henry and his health at http://www.hrp.org.uk/Resources/Elizabeth%20HurrenFINAL.pdf


1 thought on “Hi claire! Another question! I know henry had an ulcer on his leg. I’ve read from difference accounts, that henrys leg never fully closed, staying open and infected. How did henry go so long with out getting ceptic?”

  1. Chelsea says:

    It was actually Henry and his physicians keeping the ulcer open and draining that helped prevent the king from becomming septic. When the wound closed the bacteria and infection entered the bloodstream and Henry was bedridden and close to death. I read somewhere that they used gold chips to keep the ulcer open and its a good thing that they did this. I work in an Er and such ulcers are instantly treated with IV antibiotics- the less life threatening ones are drained and the wound kept open with packing for several days to drain the infection/bacteria.

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