Hello Claire, Your website is very interesting, I could spend months on all this information. I liked the biographies of Mary & Margaret Tudor in particular. But my question is, since I ain’t sure about this, did Sir Francis (with the eyepatch as portrayed in the Tudors season 3) really existed? Was it his idea to bring Catherine Howard to court to interest the king? And was he a spy? Thank you.

Yes, Sir Francis Bryan did exist and he did have only one eye after losing one in a jousting accident. Bryan was the son of Lady Bryan (Margaret Bourchier), the Lady Governess of Mary, Elizabeth and Edward, and her husband, Sir Thomas Bryan.
Facts about Sir Francis Bryan:-
- He was related to Anne Boleyn
- He was nicknamed the "Vicar of Hell" by Thomas Cromwell
- He was sent to Rome in 1528 by Henry VIII to try and get Henry's divorce
- During the reign of Edward VI he was made Lord Chief Justice of Ireland
- He died in 1550 in Ireland

You can read more about him at http://www.theanneboleynfiles.com/sir-richard-page-and-sir-francis-bryan/5282/

I have found no evidence that he was involved in bringing Catherine Howard to court and he was a diplomat, not a spy.


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